Face Recognizer using Transfer Learning

Using Keras and VGG16(pre-trained model already trained on ImageNet dataset) used for transfer learning.

Transfer Learning


  1. Install Anaconda Python Distribution.
  2. Install various python libraries # pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run command prompt, > jupyter notebok

Step 1

Clone the repo # git clone https://github.com/A4ANK/face_recognition_Transfer_Learning.git In repo directory, create two sub directories # mkdir train # mkdir test Similarly, also create subdirectories inside test and train directories for subcategories that you want to predict, respectively. Now, collect dataset using face_extractor.ipynb notebook

Step 2

Load the VGG16 pre-trained model inside Transfer Learning.ipynb Use transfer learning to train this pre-trained model on the new smaller dataset created using face_extractor.ipynb notebook.

Step 3

Run Real Time Face recognizer.ipynb notebook to perform.

Github repo:- https://github.com/A4ANK/face_recognition_Transfer_Learning

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